Top Blue Mountains Attractions

Blue Mountains Attractions

Sydney attracts visitors from within Australia and around the world because of its many beautiful natural sceneries. The city serves as a gateway and a starting point to explore the Australian outback.

One of the most exciting things to do on a tour in New South Wales is adventuring with the Blue Mountains fun rides with panoramic landscape views of the region at the backdrop. You can view the rock formations, waterfalls, the valley, and the rugged mountainous terrains from above, and ride the railway traversing the region’s rugged terrain.

Blue Mountains tour

About 100 kilometres from Sydney, the tourist town of Katoomba is the centre of the Blue Mountains tourism. It is where Scenic World is located. Scenic World is a tourism complex that operates the Scenic Railway, Scenic Skyway, and Scenic Cableway.

Several sightseeing attractions can be seen here including the Three Sisters rock formation, Jamison Valley, Narrow Neck Plateau, Orphan Rock, Katoomba Falls, Mount Solitary, Ruined Castle, and the bushwalking trails leading to waterfalls and the valley floor.

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Scenic Railway

With the steepest incline track section at 52 degrees within a 310-metre distance, the Scenic Railway is one of the world’s steepest incline lifts.

It was built in 1880s originally for mining use in Jamison Valley, which at the time a coal and oil shale mining site. When the mine was shut down after the war in 1945, tourism used and benefited from the railway.

In 2013, upgrades on the tracks and carriages were carried out, and today the Scenic Railway is one of the main tourist attractions in the Blue Mountains.

Scenic Skyway

A cable-driven carriage built in 1958, Scenic Skyway runs across the gorge 270 metres above the ground overlooking Katoomba Falls and Jamison Valley.

Scenic Skyway features a 72-pax capacity cabin with portions made of clear glass where you can have a perfect 360-degree view of the Blue Mountains. Also, it comes with a free wi-fi where you can immediately upload online photos you’ve just taken on board.

Scenic Cableway

The 84-passenger cable car Scenic Cableway was installed in 2000. It hangs on a tower on a cliff’s edge 25 metres high and passes over the valley 510 metres above ground toward Botton Station 200 metres below, in Jamison Valley.

It is Australia’s “steepest and largest aerial cable car” that shows you the stunning views of the valley, the Three Sisters, and Orphan Rock.

A fun tour with Wildlife Tours

Perhaps one of the best ways to start your journey to the Blue Mountains and experience the fun rides is to book a tour. Wildlife Tours designed a trip that lets you explore the region with fewer people on the crowd.

The tour arrives to the destination in time for the golden hours before sunset. You get plenty of time to have fun rides and enjoy the views of the Blue Mountains via the Echo Point Lookout. The lookout perched on the edge of an escarpment over-viewing Jamison Valley.

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