Shaz Wildenberg

I grew up on the Mornington Peninsula and really loved it there but always felt there was much more to see! For the past few years I have been slowly working towards a Bachelor in Tourism Management and Sustainability, but started out as a retail manager. On the spur of the moment in 2011, and after a particularly terrible Christmas period in retail, I decided to move to Alice Springs and be a tour guide just for fun, a decision that would totally change my life and lead me to Neil. Loving life on the road, but missing the ocean, led me to move to Perth and guide in Western Australia. We went for 6 months but ended up staying for 5 years! In late 2016, an opportunity too good to pass up came in the form of Assistant Business Manager at Coral Bay Ecotours, where we were able to discover the wonders of the Ningaloo Reef. After visiting such beautiful places, I was saddened to see how some places were being disrespected so my focus has now turned towards sustainability and good practice within tourism.